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Beach Peanuts is a liberal, progressive political blog covering both national and Florida politics, written by Martha Jackovics, a self-employed freelance writer and blogger living in Florida. (Formerly writing as "Inkberries")

I have a B.A. in Psychology and worked for a major metropolitan newspaper in the Archives and News Research Department. After leaving the newspaper when my husband was transferred I returned to school to pursue my interest in law. When my husband was transferred a second time, I worked briefly in temporary legal assistant/administrative positions, and wrote freelance newspaper features before becoming a stay-at-home mom. I later worked as an independent researcher and I'm a former member of the Special Libraries Association and the Association of Independent Information Professionals.

While sidelined with an illness for two years, I became increasingly frustrated with politics during the Bush Administration and later decided to start speaking my mind and founded this blog in 2009. (Originally writing anonymously under the name "Inkberries.") This is an independent blog and I answer to no one but myself. My views are mine alone and do not represent those of any family members.

I also post at Daily KOS and have been a guest contributor at the ACLU of Florida Blog Of Rights.

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Florida Netroots Awards:
"Beach Peanuts" was nominated for "Best State Blog" in the 2010 Florida Netroots Awards.
"Beach Peanuts" was nominated for "Best State Blog" and "Best National Blog" in the 2011 Florida Netroots Awards.

Winner: 2015 Best Of The Bay Awards, Creative Loafing Tampa Bay - Critics' Pick "Best Blog You Should Already Be Reading"

Original Beach Peanuts blog site and archives: (May 2009 - Feb. 27, 2011)

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Beach Peanut: A rare flower found in the South that lives in the sand, also called a Burrowing Four-O’Clock.
Just a little metaphor of hope and optimism.